Pornstar Interview: Introducing Monique Miles

Welcome to one of our favorite series, by plus size adult entertainer Sydney Screams. In this series ⁠you’ll have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the person behind the performer. 

Introducing, Monique Miles

  1. How did you get started in the adult industry? 

When I was younger, I really only wanted to be a rockstar, football player or adult film actor. I was too small to play ball and I can't really sing or play an instrument. I really didn't pursue adult film until much much later though. After I transitioned, I created a twitter account and started making friends with a lot of the sex workers and campeople that I really admired. They seemed to be very receptive to me and not too long after that I had my first collaboration. That one turned into another, and eventually I got noticed by one of the major studios and they brought me in for a few shoots. Things really took off after that.


  1. What are you known for as a performer? 

I've only been doing this for about 1 year so I'm still really looking for my "niche" so to speak, but I think I'm known for being the sweet, innocent girl next door type with a bit of a wild side to the viewers. To my scene partners I'd like to think they know me as being a professional. Punctual. On time. Reliable. Fun to work with.


  1. What do you look for when picking out a sex toy?

I like my dildos to be realistic looking typically. I'm not really a size queen so they don't have to be HUGE. I prefer them longer than thicker, although thicker can be good as well in the right position. The ones I use on myself can be any color, but when I top, I like to use one that resembles something close to what I'm built like. Around 7" and close to my skin tone. I like it to really match me. I like cock rings sometimes. Ones that surround the whole package are nice, and I like different colors. I have one that's camouflage. I also really enjoy prostate massagers and vibrators. They feel very good when I'm close to climax. I do want to experiment more with the fantasy types. Dragons and different things but I haven't had the chance just yet.


  1. Do you have a favorite toy or type of toy for solo play? 

My go to toy is my Lovense Lush. I put it in and adjust the vibrations up and down with the phone app while I masturbate and it always makes me climax really hard.


  1. What about a favorite toy or type of toy for partnered play? 

My absolute favorite toy when I'm with a partner is a double ended dildo. It makes me really excited to watch it go in and out of me and my partner at the same time while we scissor. And who doesn't enjoy a good scissor?


  1. What do you think is key for a happy sex life? 

I think communication is everything. Not only in sex but in life in general. Communicating your desires and needs with your partner is key. Variety is a good thing. Being open to trying different things and letting your partner know what you're into without shame or judgment is really what will give your sex life longevity.


  1. How is performing on camera different for you than off camera sex? 

Oh gosh, having sex on camera is a completely different experience than off camera for many reasons. You have to be aware of where the camera is without staring at it so that the scene looks good. Things as simple as moving someone's hair to the correct side so that the camera can see a kiss or a blowjob are very important. Making sure legs or arms aren't blocking penetration. Being lit correctly. Being able to deal with bright, hot lights in your face. Makeup transferring from you to your partner and vice versa. Tons of things to think about and focus on, while you split your thoughts to the performance you're giving. Not everyone can do this. It's extremely difficult to make things look good. Off camera, it's just you and your partner or partners. Nothing to worry about except enjoying each other.


  1. Where can fans find your content?

I'm everywhere! OnlyFans, Fansly, ManyVids, Pornhub, RedGIFs, Twitter, Instagram, BlueSky! You can find everything right here -

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