Pornstar Interview: Introducing Electra Rayne

Welcome to our newest series, by plus size adult entertainer Sydney Screams. 
In this series ⁠you’ll have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the person behind the performer. 

Introducing, Electra Rayne

  1. How did you get started in the adult industry? 

When I was young, a friend and I thought it would be funny to go to "", which at the time was a directory of porn sites (it's not anymore). She thought it was super weird and gross so I pretended that I did too, but it secretly intrigued me! The front page was hogtied,'s rope bondage site, which especially intrigued me. I went back to check it out later and basically was like "wow, this looks a lot like what goes on in my head when I do that weird wiggling thing that I'm just now starting to piece together might be masturbation?"  But I thought something was horribly wrong with me, like I must hate women or something, because I didn't understand consensual kink or adult modeling yet, how modeling was paid models at first. 

Then one day I finally saw the exit interviews and thought,  "Who'd wanna do a thing like that!?" and then realized I would, and that there must be other people like me out there. That moment was REALLY important to me accepting myself sexually, which was really important for me accepting myself more broadly. So I knew I wanted to give back to that as soon as I could, and I applied to on my 18th bday (and every 6mo afterwards until they finally booked me last year)

So, I've known I wanted to *do* porn since I was 11, but I never thought I'd be a "porn STAR", it was more like a bucket list kind of thing. So I applied to a few sites on my 18th b-day, and by the time I was 19 I got booked. I shot a handful of scenes in 2015-16, but I wasn't getting much more work, couldn't get an agent to sign me, was busy with college, and started dancing which I LOVED, so I figured that was it. I had done it! I did porn!

I stripped through college and continued afterwards, even when I got a regular job. Then in 2019 I had to have 3 surgeries and was ultimately diagnosed with a connective tissue disorder. I wasn't able to dance all year, and I accumulated ~10k in medical debt. I was back in the club for *one week* before COVID happened. My day job was enough to live on but not enough to pay off the debt, so I hopped on the OnlyFans train. That took off pretty well, and through a creator friend I ended up connected with an agent for mainstream bookings. I bounced around between a few agents before signing with ATMLA in June 2021, where I plan to stay for the entirety of my career. I went full-time with porn in March 2021, and left Chicago for Vegas for my career in October 2021.

  1. What are you known for as a performer?

My enthusiastic bisexuality, and impressive anal skills.

  1. What do you look for when picking out a sex toy?

Body safe materials, do I have anything super similar already, and (if I'm being honest) does it come in turquoise?

  1. Do you have a favorite toy or type of toy for solo play?

My Ovo F5 vibrator is my bff and comes everywhere with me. I'm heartbroken that they're discontinued.

Honorable mention: I owe my entire career to my NYTC Carter, which I use to stretch before anal scenes.

  1. What about a favorite toy or type of toy for partnered play?

I top with a black/blue swirl NYTC Shiloh with an ampallang piercing. I'm also a big fan of double dildos, which I often use like a strapless strap-on.

  1. What do you think is key for a happy sex life? 

For me personally, the most important thing is regularly trying new things.

  1. How is performing on camera different for you than off camera sex? 

I think the biggest difference between irl and MOST on-camera sex is the ability for things to not work out. In my personal life communication is critical, so it's important that I/my partner(s) can say "I don't like that", "This isn't working for me", "I'm bored/need to change positions", etc. Typically on camera you need to always act like everything is perfect! That's why as a director for I stress that open and honest communication is not just allowed but strongly encouraged.

  1. Where can fans find your content?

My most important project is, the only lesbian porn studio created entirely by actual queer women and sapphic nonbinary creators. For my personal content, my website lists all my links at the bottom!

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