Meet Artistic Nude Model Honey Rose by Tawney Seren


Honey Rose is a beautiful, free soul who has been kind enough to provide their expertise in using the art of nude modeling to activate your confidence and self-love!

They came over to my house on an early Tuesday morning, already prepared to conquer the day and excited for the potential to teach others what they had learned through their own discovery of nude modeling.

Propping up on my bed, their excited tone relayed the real engagement and love for the art their body could make. An excitement I hope to share with all the readers. 

Tell us, Honey. What is your modeling experience? 

I started with having my picture taken through my dance career. Normally, we take big group pictures and individual headshots or body shots for companies that I danced with, along with performance pictures as well. I think my love for modeling kind of started there. From there, I went on to doing self portraits and it eventually progressed on to artistic nude as a form of self-love and expression! 

I went from DIY photography to reaching out to work with people online to collaborate in areas near me. When I traveled I always reached out to people and inquired if they wanted a model and from there it progressed to being paid for modeling.

If you’re nervous to start asking people and you’re looking to get into paid nude modeling… Just do it! Be careful, but never asking won’t ever lead to a yes. I currently do figure art modeling at the local college and art studios, I am also the subject for those using multimedia to create figure art and study the human form.

I love travelling and have been travelling since I was a child. When I started to become more serious about my modeling career I reached out through Tumblr connections and was able to obtain a shoot in the UK and Europe! I worked with professional film photographers and master shibari artists doing nude shibari art.

When I go on road trips I always reach out to those in states (that I know are safe) and talk to them, seeing if they need me for shoots. Through my ability to reach out and network, I’ve been able to be the subject for an array of talented photographers ranging from conceptual to full artistic nude.

What is your inspiration in your work?

On Tumblr I started seeing how beautiful and artistic the human form is in nature and in your creative space. Tumblr models like notcamdamage, nicolevaaunt, and many others were so inspirational to me! I saw it as an incredibly lovely form of self-love and expression! After that, my self portrait series really bloomed into the groundwork for what I do now! 

Tell us about how you approach art and visualization! 

Art has always been a part of my life, starting with my mom being a visual artist and watching her draw, which was very inspiring. As a kid, I adored being outside making nature art and creating little scenes with the things around me.

I specifically remember arranging flowers in outfits outside and wanting my parents to take pictures. So I guess a lot of my visualization comes from that. Now I’m just constantly inspired by the art around me and my own human experience to fuel a lot of my imagery. 

What are your views on body and sex positivity? 

Body and sex positivity has and will always be a monumental act of self love for me. I’m very fortunate to have had strong influences in my life. I was raised with the idea of being a strong, independent person and I think that set me up for some sense of self confidence. The world isn’t very welcoming to the natural human form, so when I started to do artistic nude portraiture, I had an opportunity to be a voice for something that I strongly believe is so beneficial for everyone.

Self-love brings confidence and that, I think, is integral for bettering your sex life. It’s a personal sexual and sensual narrative with yourself. From my personal experience people really crave authentic human experiences! Oh gosh and now I’m rambling. Did I answer everything okay? 

More than okay, Honey. I truly believe there’s a lot to be learned from those reading and listening to the reasoning behind Honey’s artistic nudes and how they have used them to access further confidence and self-love as well as sex positivity! 

Tawney is an author, sex educator, and reviewer that loves educating others and herself about the big world of sex. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and doggo, writing to-do lists, and eating candy.

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