Kate Sloan Explores The Benefits of Stainless Steel Sex Toys

The Benefits of Stainless Steel Sex Toys Explored by Kate Sloan on the Peepshow Toys Blog

More variety in the sex toy industry is always exciting: it means that a broader range of people, with broader tastes and anatomies, will have their needs served by what’s on the market. Diversity and inclusivity, yay!

It’s exciting, then, that more and more stainless steel toys have become available in recent years. Steel is truly a unique material among sex toys, that feels and behaves unlike any other toy material. Here are a few of the benefits of steel toys

They’re hard. (Duh.) If you like relentlessly firm pressure on your internal erogenous spot(s), steel is the ideal material for you. There’s a reason the steel Njoy Pure Wand is lauded as one of the best G-spot and prostate toys of all time: it easily delivers the deep, rigid pressure those spots tend to prefer.

Of course, this also means steel toys aren’t a great choice for people who like their toys soft, squishy, and forgiving. But if you fall into that category and are interested in expanding your horizons, you could start with a smallish steel toy like the Njoy Fun Wand to test the waters.

They’re heavy. The weight of a metal toy makes it feel extra impactful in use: a big steel dildo pounding against your G-spot will gather momentum with every thrust, and a steel butt plug will remind your butt muscles it’s there at all times with its delicious heft, without being so heavy as to fall out.

If you struggle with mobility and strength, you might want to skip steel toys for this reason – but you may still be able to use them if you enlist a partner to help or even just get creative with positioning. I find even my noodly little arms can wield a gargantuan Eleven if I brace my forearm against my thigh while using it.

They’re smooth. You might think it would be harder to take a steel toy than a silicone toy because steel is less forgiving, but actually, the frictionless surface of a steel toy can make insertion easier. There’s no grabby resistance like you’d encounter with silicone, so with proper warm-up and lubrication, a steel toy can slide right in.

And speaking of lube: steel is compatible with every type, from water-based to silicone-based to oil-based. A little goes a long way with these toys!

They hold temperature well. You can toss steel toys in a bowl of warm or cold water for a few minutes before using them if you want to mix things up with a different temperature than you’re used to. They hold warmth or cold for a nice long time, and they also naturally heat up to your body temperature during use, creating an interesting sensation of molten heat from within.

This has a number of titillating potential applications. You could use a cold steel dildo on your partner while they’re blindfolded and restrained, for example, surprising them with the intense sensation. Some people find that heating a butt plug in advance makes it easier to insert, as the warmth helps relax your sphincter muscles. Make sure to do your due diligence with regards to safety: test all toys on your inner forearm or another sensitive area before putting them on or in genitals, to make sure they’re not too hot or cold to be comfortable and safe.

They’re durable. There’s no question that a steel toy could (and probably will) last you for the rest of your life. Hell, you could be buried with it someday, if that idea appeals!

Their hardiness makes them great investment pieces for your toybox. Sure, they’re pricey, but they’ll be with you for as long as you want ‘em. There are so few sex toys you can truly say that about!

Have you ever tried a steel toy? What’s your favorite thing about it?

Peepshow Toys would like to thank sex writer, speaker and song writer Kate Sloan, of http://girlyjuice.net, for preparing this blog post. 

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