Jack’s Sex Toys to Try in 2021

I’ve been using and reviewing sex toys for years, but one of my favorite things to do is browse my favorite online sex toy store and see what fun stuff there is that I haven’t yet tried. Peepshow Toys has stocked its store with the best body-safe sex toys around, and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these items that caught my eye. 

Check out my wish list:

Blush Neo Elite GLOW Dildo — I've already tried Blush's neon-colored dildos, but the Glow takes it to the next level. It's still a dual-density silicone dong, but only the inner layer is neon, and the outer layer is clear, which creates a pretty cool effect, especially when the lights go out and the dildo starts to glow in the dark. Same great realistic shape and feel, just with a cool new look.

The Slim from SquarePegToys® — I've tried quite a few of the silicone toys from SquarePegToys®, and for the most part they are real hole stretchers, but The Slim has a narrower girth. At eleven inches in length, it's still going to go pretty deep, but the smaller thickness should appeal to those who want a toy that's easier to insert. This is also being touted as a "deepthroat training tool," so it might even serve more than one purpose.

Firefly Strokers from NS Novelties — Sure, there are more and more high tech masturbators coming out every day, but what about a classic old school jacker? No frills doesn’t mean no thrills. Unlike so many similar stroke toys, this collection is made of silicone and they're soft! You can choose from longer (5+ inches) strokers with more anatomical orifices, or the open-ended “Moon” model whose shorter length (4 inches) looks pretty fun. The nearly-six-inch anal version with its tight opening looks very appealing to me. All of them are ribbed internally for extra sensation and the silicone in these toys also glows in the dark!

Forto F-19 Prostate Plug — Again, there are a lot of high-tech sex toys out there that target the prostate, but this affordable solid silicone “prostate plug” with its curved shaft and glans-shaped head looks very inviting to me. The finger handle on the base would make it easy to twist and turn this toy once it’s inside your hole for some great (I hope) targeted stimulation.

Blush Go Pro Cock Ring — I love Blush cock rings! I tried the more techie Blush Noje cock rings last year and they were fun with their intricate designs and vibrating bullets, but usually the simple cock rings end up being my favorites and the ones I choose for everyday masturbation sessions. These Go Pro rings are the same size as the Glo and Camo rings that I have, but I really love the way the bright blue stripe sets off the black silicone on this version of their popular ring.

Forto F-52 Anal Bead Plug — I wanted to find both a new butt plug and a new set of anal beads, and this toy melds both things into one toy! With three successively larger teardrop-shaped beads, you can enjoy some hole popping play, or work it all the way into the anal-safe base and use it as a plug!

What toys do you want to try from Peepshow Toys' collection? Take a look at my picks, or browse the entire collection and find your own. Don't forget: you can add any item from the store to your own personal wishlist, so you can return at any time to read some reviews, dream about the toys, or add them to your cart for purchase.

Happy shopping and happy 2021!
Jack blogs about sex, masturbation, and sex toys at his site: jackoffsextoys.com. Read reviews, peruse product guides, and find out about the best sex toys to use for penises, prostates, balls, holes and more!

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