Intimate Earth Discover G-spot Stimulating Gel Review by Guest Reviewer, Miss Melly


by Guest Reviewer, Miss Melly

As a woman who rarely, if ever, experiences internal orgasms I was reluctant to get any satisfaction out of the Intimate Earth Discover. The first time my husband and I used the g-spot stimulating gel, he felt a difference in a couple of minutes. The difference was that the g-spot had gotten larger than usual, thus making it easier to locate. We went directly from applying the gel into having sex. I was disappointed because I didn’t feel any difference. HOWEVER...

We wanted to give this product another try given that my husband did feel a difference. The second time we applied the gel, my husband continued foreplay for several minutes. My sensitivity skyrocketed! I experienced MULTIPLE orgasms just during the several minutes of foreplay. When we started to have sex, I immediately felt him hitting my g-spot causing multiple orgasms as well. I was never able to have an orgasm during intercourse without clitoral stimulation, so this was a pleasant surprise. We found that the product lasted 2-3 hours and left me still wanting more from my husband! This has never happened before, ever.

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Intimate Earth’s Discover G-spot Stimulating Gel is now going to be a staple in our bedroom. This product has helped me to not only reach an orgasm (multiple times) but has also helped me to let loose and feel more comfortable with foreplay. As a woman who has experienced painful intercourse, this has completely changed the game for us. Now I look forward, and push to, being intimate on a daily basis.

The bottle it comes in is small and compact with an easily removable pop off lid which reveals a pump dispenser. No messing around with a screw top cap or squeezing the gel out.. The pump allows for easy dispensing and a consistent amount with each pump. The consistency of the gel is a water-like texture but slightly thicker. The gel itself has no extreme or undesirable odor. When applied, there is no uncomfortable feeling of burning or tingling. It simply feels like your partner is massaging you inside. Even if the product ends up on the clitoris, your partner's penis or mouth, it has no negative effect. Cleaning up after using the gel is very minimal, it mainly consists of the happiness of having multiple orgasms.

Purchase the Intimate Earth Discover G-Spot Stimulating Gel here. provided this item to Ms. Melly in exchange for an unbiased review.

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  • Kalliopeia

    Stimulating gel is fantastic. I’ve never used a g-spot specific one, but it definitely sounds like it’s worth a try.

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