How to Celebrate Your Body Through Artistic Nude Photographs by Tawney Seren

I was standing in front of my mirror, unable to stop the waves of self loathing that had crept into my mind like assassins in the night as I took in the body reflected back at me. I had gone through a huge life change and a string of bad decisions that changed my skin and the body I had once felt so confident in, leaving me feeling empty and far from sexy. It was not something I ever anticipated I would feel, but very seldom do we have the ability to stop these changes and thoughts from taking over until we feel it is too late. 

I had lost the ability to celebrate my body. I did not recognize the adventures and strifes that came with each stretch mark and scar, nor did I acknowledge the curves that did not hinder my appearance, but enhanced it. It can often be beyond difficult to drive ourselves away from these moments where we find we steer away from celebrating our body, but there is one way that helped me embrace my body and build confidence in myself once again. 

Artistic Nude Photographs. 

July 14th is National Nude Day. This celebration dates all the way back to New Zealand in the 1970s, a day to rejoice in nudity and the natural beauty of it. It’s around to remind us to embrace each and every imperfection in our perfection, something I don’t believe we often give ourselves the headspace to do. 

Posing yourself artistically with your body allows for an opportunity to become better acquainted with each and every part of yourself without the cover and protection of clothing. Baring it all and moving yourself into beautiful shapes and positions is not only vulnerable and brave, but truly does enhance confidence. There was even a study conducted by a Dr. Keon West that found those who allowed themselves to spend more time in the nude found an enhanced sense of self-esteem compared to those who limited their time nude. Another study found that couples who sleep naked have happier relationships and marriages as the absence of clothing encourages intimacy. Whether it’s intimacy with your partner, or yourself, nudity can be key in your journey. 

Not only can nude photographs help you gain self confidence, it can also assist with those who have a hard time connecting with their body. Dysmorphia in many forms can leave you feeling alienated from your body and giving yourself time to pose, move, and connect with your naked form can assist in finding a safe space to capture yourself. 

To remove your clothing and take charge of your body in such an artistic way is a form of liberation, so it’s a wonder why so many people still treat it with uncertainty and with criticism. Nudity and the ability to capture it in a photograph gives us a vulnerability where we can use our bodies to connect and grow. Nudity isn’t about being sexual, it’s the most natural form you can be in, and what better way to celebrate your body than to capture the beauty of it artistically? 

Through my own self doubt and fear, my own loathing and disappointment in where my body had come to be, I captured that moment on my phone as a form of motivation. Instead of using it for the original intent, I found myself enjoying the process, posing and moving my body as I allowed the photos to flow. Posing and taking photos naked may not come naturally for some, but I assure you, there are some surefire ways to assist in connecting, becoming comfortable, and using your body to create art. 

Join both myself and Honey Rose as we highlight ways to pose and better celebrate the beauty that is your naked body in our free online workshop.

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Tawney is an author, sex educator, and reviewer that loves educating others and herself about the big world of sex. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and doggo, writing to-do lists, and eating candy.

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