Pig-Hole Hollow Butt Plug Guide

What, a hollow butt plug? Tunnel a.k.a. or hollow butt plugs are anal sex toys with a hollow channel inside. A tunnel holds your anal sphincter muscles open, so a penis or a dildo can penetrate the rectum more smoothly. The Oxballs Pighole or Pig-Hole is the most recognizable tunnel butt plug—fantastic because it's pure platinum-cured silicone. 

These wide anal plugs are for medium to advanced users, as they spread the butt open. Some tunnel plugs are smaller, while others are anal gaping stretch!

The best hollow plugs are made of body-safe platinum cured silicone, and I'll be highlighting the 3 Oxballs Pighole silicone tunnel plugs we've tried out below. These are good choices because they're stable enough to hold open the anal canal, but softer than hollow butt plugs by other brands.

How do you use a hollow plug for anal sex, and which one is best for which experience level? 

Tunnel butt plug textured channel

How to Use a Pighole Hollow Butt Plug

Oxballs' Pighole hollow anal plugs are for anal stretching and easier penetration. Anytime you're expanding your anus + rectum, you'll want to proceed safely, no matter how much anal sex experience you have. My suggestions for how to have good hollow plug sex:

  1. Have lubricant ready. Lubricant for anal sex is an essential. You can use any lube with a platinum silicone plug, but oil-based is slickest, water-based is easiest to clean, and hybrids are a good medium consistency.
  2. The person who'll receive the plug should be warmed up first. Use fingers, a dildo/smaller butt plug, or a penis whose size they're comfortable with.
  3. Both the inside & outside of the tunnel plug should be lubricated, before inserting.
  4. Hold the hollow plug's base with one hand, while pressing on the upper part of the tunnel to gently compress its size. 
  5. Insert slowly, until you reach the plug base; releasing your hand as the plug passes into the receiver's anus. 
  6. Have them sit flat on the plug to make sure it's fully inserted, and opened up...
  7. Then bend over & begin penetration with short thrusts.
  8. Lean into it as the giver, putting your weight against the bottom for more intensity.
  9. The wearer will feel a lot of stretch at their sphincter muscles and the upper part of the penis or dildo penetrating them. Meanwhile, when I'm penetrating a tunnel plug, I feel more from the ribs inside (see next) mid-shaft, and then the penis head and upper shaft feel the natural warmth of my partner's rectum as I insert my full length. 
  10. Enjoy!
  11. Relube if needed over time.

Silicone Hollow Plugs Compared

Once you Pig-Hole, you never go back? I tried a harder tunnel plug with a partner years back and it was just not comfortable for either one of us even after significant warmup. It did not feel good on my d*ck. 

Since, I've accumulated several of the Oxballs platinum silicone plugs - much better. Why, you wonder? The silicone is soft enough to flex, but it's not ultra-hard. It has some malleability.

Every Oxballs PigHole and "Butt-Hole" hollow plug expands the wearer's anal canal, and it has these ribs inside the hollow tunnel that feel great for the penis penetrating it. 


Lube up the hollow plug & the bottom's butt gets stretched, while the top / penetrating partner (this is my perspective) gets more texture within. 

For the Oxballs tunnels, the Pig-Hole is the standard; the Pig-Hole Deep is, well, deeper for more width past the first 3 to 5 inches; the Butt-Hole has ripples outside so the receiver feels the texture too; and the Squeal...is a monster! More on the sizes next:

Selecting the Right Pighole Plug - Size

When reading Oxballs tunnel plug dimensions, "usable circumference" refers to the smallest and widest on the outside of the tunnel. See the "inside diameter" for the unstretched width across the tunnel itself, important if you're measuring the size of the penis that wants to penetrate any tunnel plug.

Prior to use, do remember to warm-up. A smaller sphincter-opening plug is a great solution. We love the Blunt Plugs by SquarePegToys, in 11 total sizes, wearable as pre-sex stretching tools.

For beginner tunnel plugging: Pig-Hole small. At approximately 2 inches outside at widest, this is not an "anal n00b" toy, while also not being an extreme stretch. Pig-Hole small's tunnel will widen slightly to fit an average 1.5" diameter penis, with a nice snug fit. Lube well.

More feeling for the wearer: Butt-Hole plugs have ridges outside so the hole-owner feels 'em too. We like this one best overall since my partner sized up to accept the 8 inches circumference of the medium Butt-hole - feeling all around. The ripples outside do make the Butt-hole wider (than Pig-Hole) outside.

Mega-stretch: What's the biggest tunnel plug? The Pig-Hole Squeal is the widest & the most suitable if the penetrating partner has a thicker penis (up to 6.5" circumference tunnel = about 2 inches diameter). It's got a 13-inch max. circumference. Close is the PigHole FF Plug (smoother outside), at 12.75" max. (Whereas PigHole XXL has 10.25" circ.)

Oxballs tunnel butt plugs - PigHole, ButtHole, PigHole FF XL hollow plug

Pighole + Silicone Butt Plug Lubricants

We prefer an oil-based lubricant. It really coats the plug best. (And just makes anal cushier, with less friction.)

You can also use hybrid lubricants; or water-based lubricants, which wash off easier than others (but also dry out faster). 

Silicone lubricant, it's better to avoid. Not because it's damaging but because it's the hardest to clean from platinum cured silicone.

More on toy and lubricant mixing, here. Silicone anal plugs are the best because you can just clean them with soap and water, they don't degrade, and they don't hold onto germs.


Hollow butt plugs make anal sex even more interesting - if the bottoming partner is up for a good stretch. Pig-hole platinum silicone tunnel plugs start relatively small, then max out at huge sizes. 

The ribbed channel in each tunnel plug lets you feel more as your penis slides through, in and out, while the "gaping" plug holds your partner's butt open wider. Try it and see how you like the anal stretch? 

Author: Derek is a bi, kinky exhibitionist from northern New Jersey. Fueled by espresso & a love of sex toys, he's excited to share his experiences more in the future and welcomes feedback via comments below: "What do you want more of?"

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