High Tech Sex Toys That Prove The Future Is Now

Living in the 21st century is a better deal than living in just about any other century that came before it. We have access to all sorts of high-tech inventions that make life easier: the internet, motor vehicles, and bifocal glasses, to name but a few!

We also – lucky us! – have access to an entire industry of products designed solely to give us pleasure: sex toys. And they’re getting more technologically advanced by the day. Here are some of the coolest high-tech toys available in 2017... 

Suction vibrators, like the Satisfyer Pro 2 and Womanizer W500 Pro, are an easy solution when you’re bored of vibrators and want to try something new and exciting. They use “pulsating air technology” to create a suction sensation on the clitoris (or potentially also on the nipples, if you want to use these toys there). Because the suction is rhythmic rather than steady, it feels a bit like someone simultaneously sucking on and tonguing your clit. The suction temporarily draws more blood into the clitoris, engorging it so it’s more sensitive and orgasms become easier to achieve. Nifty!

Pulsators, like Fun Factory’s Stronic Eins or Stronic Drei, may look like regular ol’ internal vibrators, but turn them on and you’ll see that they are quite different from your typical vibe. These pulsators use magnetic technology to actually thrust back and forth, like a penis during penetrative sex. True, they’re much steadier and more mechanical than a penis attached to a human would be, but sometimes that steadiness is just what you need to send you over the edge! The pulsators’ lower speeds feel like deep, hard thrusting, while their higher speeds are closer to a jackrabbit-esque pounding. It’s certainly a unique sensation in the sex toy world!

Not to be outdone, Lelo released some thrusting/stroking toys which achieve a similar effect to Fun Factory’s pulsators, but in a very different way. The Mona Wave and Ina Wave both feature internal arms which stroke up and down against the G-spot, like the “come hither”-ing fingers of a patient partner. The technology still has a long way to go – the stroking is almost torturously slow, even on its fastest mode – but if you’re into languorous edging via G-spot stimulation, you might dig it.

Hot Octopuss Pulse vibrators – sometimes colloquially called “guybrators”! – are designed specifically for penises. There aren’t a lot of sex toy options out there for folks with dicks, at least not if they want something good-quality and long-lasting, so any new high-end options in this category are much appreciated! The Pulse III Solo is an 100% waterproof, silicone, vibrating stroker with a surprisingly robust motor. It can be used whether your penis is hard and soft, to the delight of erectile dysfunction sufferers the world over. There’s also the Pulse III Duo, which is similar to the Solo except it’s designed to be used by couples during foreplay: when partners rub up against each other with the Pulse between them, the toy can stimulate both the penis and the vulva, arousing both people and getting them ready for whatever comes next.

We-Vibe toys – with the exceptions of their solo vibes, the Touch and Tango – are now all enabled for use with We-Vibe’s ingenious app, We-Connect. Designed by women for women, the app is intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. After you’ve hooked it up to your vibe via Bluetooth, you can flip through different patterns and settings, raise or lower the vibration in intensity of your toy’s motor(s), set the toy to respond to the bassy thrum of a song you’re listening to, or even cede control of the vibe to a partner – whether they’re across the ocean or across the room. The Sync is We-Vibe’s most powerful couples’ toy so far, and its two hinges make it adjustable to your particular anatomy, so it’ll stay in place whether you’re having sex or just walking around. Magic!

What high-tech sex toys do you wish existed? 

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