Game of Ohs: Pleasure Product Picks for Our Favorite Game of Thrones Characters

We are addicted to Game of Thrones. Like seriously addicted. We are also really sad we will have to wait until next summer for the next season. Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, we figured we’d spend some time answering (a really important?) question - what Peep Show Toys product would our favorite GOT characters choose? Below are our picks.

Daenerys Targaryen
Prism VIII L'Amourose Lamourose Heated Silicone Dildo Vibe Vibrator


Why it is perfect for Khaleesi Daenerys :

The Prism VII Rouge is a heated, rabbit vibrator. Fit for a queen, the Rouge has a built-in thermal regulation system, which means that this powerful silicone vibrator will heat up to about 40-42 degrees during use and will maintain that level of heat. We know Khaleesi can withstand the heat (and then some), but you do not need to be the Mother of Dragons to enjoy this fiery rabbit. 

Cersei Lannister 
Sizzling Simon Electrosex E-Stim Estim Vibrator Vibe High Tech Sex Toys Adult Toys Tingling Electrifying

Why it is perfect for Cersei:

Mystim Sizzling Simon is an all-in-one vibrator and erotic electro-stimulation (e-stim) device. This might sound like a torture device that Cercei would employ to some, but those familiar with e-stim love the tingling sensations that e-stim devices deliver. Queen Cercei is powerful and electrifying - just like the Sizzling Simon, and we think she would get a lot of pleasure from using this toy (or using it on someone else). 

Note: This product does not requires a separate power box (like many other e-stim toys) to allow its user to activate the electro-sex stimulation. 


Character: Jon Snow
Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo Foam Pillow Sex Pillow Adult Sex Toy Position Aid


Why it is perfect for Jon Snow:

When we think of “freedom” and “liberation”, we think of Jon Snow. Even the Free Folk fought alongside Jon Snow in his battle to win back the North. 

The Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo has been hailed as the “greatest invention for sex since the bed.” We think the Jon Snow character is basically the greatest invention ever, so the Wedge Ramp Combo is perfect for him. 


Character: Jaime Lannister 
Guybrator Pulse II Duo Hot Octopus Octopuss Male Stimulator Masturbator for Men Vibe Vibrator Couples Toy


Why it is perfect for Jaime Lannister :

Hailed as the world's first ever Guybrator™, the Pulse III Duo is the newest version of the multi-award winning male stimulator.  It can be used when flaccid or erect, and alone or with a partner. Plus, because it can be used hands-free with a partner…well, you know…


Character: Yara Greyjoy 
Spareparts Joque Harness Womens Woman Comfortable Breathable Durable Harness Lesbians Lesbian All Day Wear
Product:     Spareparts Joque Harness  

Why it is perfect for Yara Greyjoy :

Yara is a powerful female who needs to be prepared for battle at all times, but also knows how to enjoy the hedonistic pleasures of the world.

The Spareparts Joque Harness has been designed for all-day wear. It is breathable and designed to feel like a virtual "second skin". (Yara’s brother, Theon, might want to try the Spareparts Deuce male harness).


Character: Melisandre (a/k/a the Red Woman)
Magic Wand Rechargeable Cordless Vibe Vibrator Soothing Stimulating Intimate Erotic Massage Wand Powerful


Why it is perfect for Melisandre:

We’ve seen Melisandre use her magic to do some crazy s#%t. She always needs some help though - whether it's a potion, a necklace, or a sacrifice. This updated Magic Wand is rechargeable and cordless, for a soothing, stimulating massage anywhere you want, and without the need for dark magic. 


We hope you enjoyed our Game of Ohs post as much as we enjoyed writing it!

As an homage to the fire that plays such a prevalent role, we recommend pairing these items with an Intimate Earth Melt Warming Lubricant. Melt's unique formula warms the skin on contact with cinnamomum zeylanicum bark extract and natural plant-derived glycerin that creates the warming sensation on any part of the body. Note: you do not need to have dragon blood to take the heat! 

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