Bone-Rattling Vibrators for Die Hard Power Enthusiasts

Bone Rattling Sex Toy Vibrators for Die Hard Power Enthusiasts

The invention of the vibrator changed human sexuality forever. If humanity’s most transformative inventions are fire, the wheel, and the internet, then surely the most transformative inventions in the world of sex have been contraception, vibrators, and… the internet.

Vibrators are often represented as an optional addition to sex, some fun icing on the cake – and while that’s the case for some people, others need a higher level of stimulation to reach orgasm and might want a vibe to be involved in all or most of their sexual encounters. This does not make them defective or abnormal – it just means they know what they need and are willing to make their own needs a priority. And that’s great!

For folks who need an extra boost to get them there, mega-powerful vibrators can be just the ticket. Here are a few of the strongest vibes on the market, for those who want their bits blitzed into bliss…

The Magic Wand Rechargeable – the revamped version of what used to be called the Hitachi Magic Wand – is a classic for a reason. It’s got the same “Oh my God” and “OH MY GOD” higher speeds that the original Hitachi did, along with two milder but rumblier speeds, making it a versatile wand for people of all power preferences.

As its name indicates, this Magic Wand is also rechargeable. It’s designed such that you can use it cordless or while it’s charging, so if your vibe dies mid-wank, you can just plug it in and keep going. Brilliant!

The Doxy Die Cast wand is lauded as the world’s most powerful wand massager. While it’s hard to say if that’s true, it does feel stronger to me than the Magic Wand, which is quite a feat. The Doxy’s vibrations are also rumblier, meaning that they’re lower-pitched, cause less numbness, and seem to get deeper into flesh for some truly mind-bending orgasms.

Like most wand vibes, this one is big and broad, so it might not work for people who like their stimulation more pinpointed. However, some wand vibes are compatible with attachments that can narrow the sensation into a more focused shape, if that’s what you want.

Speaking of pinpoint vibrators… Probably the strongest bullet-sized vibe on the market is the We-Vibe Tango. It looks like a tube of lipstick but packs a hell of a punch. The toy’s hard plastic construction transmits the vibrations in all their rumbly glory. The Tango’s flat tip is ideal for pressing against the clitoris, perineum, or any other external erogenous zone you want.

Because the Tango is rechargeable and small, it’s great for traveling with and taking to sex-dates at beaux’ houses. It’s even waterproof, so you can enjoy bathtime buzzin’ at your leisure. Sweet!

L’Amourose is a relative newcomer to the sex toy industry, but the motors in their rechargeable vibrators have already been praised as some of the strongest available. The Rosa and Prism V, for example, are both super-rumbly G-spot vibes made of soft, smooth silicone.

Strong vibrations are particularly important for vibrators meant to be used internally like these ones, because the G-spot and prostate are both somewhat buried and often need intense stimulation: forceful rumbling, hard and fast thrusting, or both! L’Amourose vibes are definitely up to the task.

Finally: no round-up of powerful vibrators would be complete without a nod to Fun Factory. The toys in their G5 line, like the Tiger and Patchy Paul, have twice as much power as their previous generation of toys, and the vibrations have a pleasingly rumbly quality to them.

Like any ostensibly internal vibrator, these can also be used externally. Some, like the Lady Bi, can even do both at once!

Power enthusiasts: what are your go-to vibrators?

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