Affordable AF! Part 1: Body-Safe Dildos for under $40

Affordable AF!
Part 1: Body-Safe Dildos for under $40
by: Phallophile Reviews

“Body-safe” used to mean “expensive” when it came to dildos (and many other sex toys). But—wallets everywhere rejoice!—within the last few years, many inexpensive and body-safe options have come on the market. Now you don’t have to choose between your health1 and your budget.

Most body-safe dildos in this price range—between $20 and $40—are made of medium-firm silicone. But this list also includes several softer silicone options, as well as glass dildos for very firm stimulation. 

Whether you want your dildo to look like a penis, be quite abstract, or let you live out your unicorn dreams, Peepshow Toys has you covered. 

Realistic Dildos

Realistic Dildos


Cheaper silicone dildos that resemble a penis pretty much always include balls and a suction cup base too. The most popular line is NS Novelties’ Colours Pleasures series. From smallest to largest girth, these dildos are: Colours 5”, Thin 8”, Thick 5”, and Pride Edition (small). Or, NS Novelties has recently released a few glow-in-the-dark silicone dildos, like the Firefly 5”, if you want your sex toy to double as a glowstick!

Next, Blush Novelties produces the Ruse series, which includes the Ruse Magic Stick and Ruse Juicy. I really like the feel of my Magic Stick; to me, it seems silkier than any other realistic, suction cup dildo in my collection. 

Tantus, an early leader in the body-safe-toy movement, makes the popular Vamp. This slightly abstracted dildo features a strong head and prominent coronal ridge, in firm, glossy silicone.

Keep in mind that, though the above toys all look very realistic, they feel significantly firmer than the real thing. If you’re like me and you like your dildos to be a little squishy, then check out NS Novelties’ ColourSoft 5”.  

Semi-Representational and Abstract Dildos

Body Safe Dildos under 40 bucks

Not everyone wants their sex toy to resemble a disembodied penis, and that’s OK! The following dildos don’t include veins or balls; for the most part, they’re simpler, more abstract phalluses. 

Affordable options made of Tantus’ ultra-premium silicone include the completely untextured Silk Medium and Silk Small; and the Sport, a good beginner’s dildo that has a very rounded head. 

Blush Novelties’ abstract Luxe series includes the Luxe Purity 2, which has an interesting wavy shape that’ll massage your favorite orifice; and the Luxe Mio, which is an awesome choice if you want a thick dildo that’s not long (plus it comes with a suction cup base).

NS Novelties also has a new wavy dildo—named the Colours Wave 6”, appropriately enough—that has a suction cup base too.

Fun Factory is known for its vibrators and its unique, thrusting Stronic series. But this top toymaker also creates high-quality, platinum silicone dildos like the Fun Factory Amor.

If you’re new to penetration or just want a smaller, gentler toy, then the Sedeux Please by Sportsheets is my top choice (besides the very similar Tantus Silk Small). Or, the Sedeux Flare is the Please’s larger relative; it comes in a sparkly red color and has a slightly bulbous head.

And last but not least, this list does include one dual-density silicone dildo.2 The Blush Novelties Real Nude Ergo Mini has a very squishy head, but it stands up well to harness or suction cup play because of the hard core. 

glass dildos under 40 bucks

Fantasy Dildos

If you’re looking for something a bit more whimsical, then Split Peaches’ small Unicorn Horns in Pearlescent White and Metallic Blue and Purple are available for under $40! (Or, they come in pastel and rainbow too for a few dollars more.) I think these are great for spinning around inside yourself or your partner, or for trying to balance on your head if you’re feeling especially goofy. 😉

Glass Dildos

For very firm stimulation, borosilicate glass is the best affordable choice out there. The Sinclair Institute’s Onyx Glass G-Spot Wand and Crystal Glass G-Spot Wand have a nice curve for G-Spot (or prostate) pleasure. Or, for twisty texture, check out the Icicles #1 and Icicles #5 dildos.

If you’re looking for some color in your glass, the Chrystalino glass dildos are blue, Murano-glass-inspired toys. 

Finally, Spartacus makes both a very simple dildo (the Blown Basic Curve) and a realistic one (the Blown Medium Realistic Glass Dildo) for under $40.

Last Words

Picking out a new (or first) dildo is a big choice, and I hope this listing will help you decide which affordable silicone or glass option is right for you. Even if you do have some extra cash to spare but you’re not totally sure what you’re looking for, I would highly recommend checking out a few of the dildos here so that you can figure out which features you really enjoy (like size, head shape, forward or backward curve, shaft texture, and firmness) before making a big purchase. 

Thanks for reading. As always, enjoy yourself!

1. See the Body-Safe Materials Guide for details about why body-safe toys are the way to go. Because the sex toy industry is unregulated, unwary buyers often end up with porous (and also potentially toxic) toys. 2. Dual-density toys can be soft but not floppy because they’re made of two different firmnesses of silicone: a soft layer over a firm core.  

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