2017 Gift Guide - The Best Holiday Presents for Your Lovers and Sexy Friends

by: Kate Sloan of GirlyJuice.net 

Can you believe the holidays are almost upon us?! Depending on your perspective, 2017 either feels like it’s rushed by at a disorienting clip, or trickled past in agonizing slowness. Either way, you know what’ll cheer you up as the year comes to a close? Sex toys!

Sexual and sensual products make great gifts for a certain type of person: namely, a person with whom you regularly have sex (like a partner or lover) and/or talk about sex (like a best friend or particularly cool aunt). Here are some suggestions for what sexy things to buy for your nearest and dearest…

Your inexperienced-but-curious friend has mentioned wanting a sex toy, but has never actually bucked up and gotten one. They deserve pleasure just like everyone else, and you want to help them achieve it! So try getting them a simple vibe that’ll work on a wide variety of body parts, like the ScreamingO Charged Vooom or Jimmyjane Iconic Wand. However they choose to explore their bodies, these vibes will help them do it!

Your long-distance sweetheart wants to connect with you more intimately when you’re apart, and any of We-Vibe’s app-compatible toys can help them do that. Pop in the Jive before running some errands, lube up the Ditto for some butt-play, or rev up the Nova for a solo session, and send your partner an invitation via the app to control your vibe from wherever they are. Alternatively, you could send them a toy and control it from your phone, once they get it set up. The possibilities for playfulness are endless!

Your nerdiest friend always keeps up with the latest technology, so why shouldn’t that extend to their sex toy collection too? “Touchless stimulation” toys like the Womanizer and Satisfyer, pulsators like the Stronic Eins, and B-Vibe’s weighted butt plugs are all hyper-modern and sure to impress innovation nerds!

Someone who loves their G-spot or prostate – like your friend who delights in telling stories about ruining mattresses with torrential ejaculations – requires an Njoy Pure Wand. It is simply the best G-spot/P-spot toy out there, according to many reviewers. You might want to throw in a waterproof mattress cover, particularly if you think this toy will be used on your bed at any point!

Someone who loves their penis (which is most people who have penises, frankly) can mix things up with a vibrating stroker like the Rocks Off Hand Solo or Maia Ray. Make sure to get them some water-based lube to use with it!

Your crunchy hippie friend lives that “all-natural” life, and that doesn’t mean they have to avoid sex products! Wooden dildos should satisfy their hunger for old-school materials, and an organic lube will keep things smooth.

Your newlywed friends are probably having amazing sex, so why not buy them some treats to make it even better? Massage oil and clitoral arousal gel are always safe bets. If you’re really feeling generous, you could give them a couples’ vibe like the Lelo Tiani or We-Vibe Sync to round things out.

What sexy gifts are you hoping to get for your loved ones this holiday season?

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