Transform® Binding Tape


$ 12.50

  • Transform® Binding Tape is designed to be used to flatten breasts for a smooth appearance under clothes. 

    Made of breathable, spun-polyester tape. 

    TRANSFORM® Binding Tape comes in one wide sheet. The spun polyester is soft, comfortable and made with medical grade adhesive that is sweat-proof and shower-proof. Each piece adheres to the chest adheres to itself to stay in place.

    Please note that this item is disposable - it is NOT washable and is NOT reusable. 

    Additional details:

    • Medical grade adhesive stays in place

    • Made of breathable, non-woven spun-polyester

    • Disposable, not washable

    • Flattens chest area

    • One size fits all

    • Wide sheets for best coverage

    • 1 sheet per bag. Buy more and save - we offer packs of two and five (best deal). 

    • Comes only in beige. 

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