Satisfyer Power Balls with Weight Kegel Training Set

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Satisfyer Power Balls with Weight Kegel Training Set

Satisfyer Power Balls are a quality, budget-friendly way to explore pelvic floor training! These silky smooth silicone balls feature an oscillating metal core. As you move around, the core moves too, creating a fun, vibration-like effect. Plus, this collection includes three differently weighted double-ball sets, so you can easily progress to more weight as you become comfortable wearing them.

For best results, use your Satisfyer Balls daily, starting with a few minutes at a time—or for as long as you feel comfortable. Satisfyer Balls are an erotic addition to foreplay, or wear them while you shower or do yoga! The easy-retrieval loop ensures that you’ll never have a problem removing your kegel ball set.

  • Set of three double kegel balls
  • Three different weights for orgasmic training
  • Vibrating effect due to oscillating metal core
  • Easy-retrieval loop
  • Silky smooth silicone finish
  • Hygenic, waterproof, and easy to clean


Each double kegel ball looped set is 1.34” maximum width.

Weight per set: 60g/ 2.12 oz. (“normal”); 75.6g/ 2.67 oz. (“experienced”); and 91.6g/ 3.23 oz. (“advanced”).

Available in light blue, light pink, and dark pink.

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