Round Stainless Steel Collar


$ 59.00

  • This collar can be worn as jewelery or as a piece of bondage for fetish play. It is made of polished stainless steel. The finish is exquisitely polished. It made from solid 1/2 inch diameter stainless steel. The collar is fitted with a sunken screw lock and conforming hinge that gives it a seamless flush appearance. The diameter is designed for a loose fit that is not restrictive but also makes the wearer aware it is on due to its heavy feel. The looser necklace fit allows the collar to double as a jewelry piece especially when combined with other accessories.  

    • Solid Stainless Steel with polished Finish
    • Attached lead ring
    • Flush mount screw lock
    • The neck circumference is 15.5 inches (39 cm) or diameter of 4.75 inches (12.0 cm)
    • The collar thickness is 0.5 inches (1.2 cm)

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