Edge Leather Twisted Whip by Sportsheets


$ 45.00

  • The sturdy ergonomic leather shaft has a mesmerizing feel in your hand, and each leather fall has been cut at an angle for a tip with a bite.  

    Whip is 50% cowhide leather, 30% RBS E-glass batten, 15% rubber, 5% nylon.

    Length: 27.5 inches 

    This product is part of Sportsheets' Edge line, which has been designed for more experienced individuals. You can find other Edge coordinating items here.

    Bondage Safety:

    “The 'B' in 'BDSM' stands for Bondage, which is the act of tying your partner up for sexual pleasure. Bondage can be a whole lot of fun if you know what you’re doing, but it can also be very dangerous.” - Rayne Millaray, Bondage Safety 101

    Learn more about Bondage Safety by checking out Rayne’s Bondage Safety 101 post on our blog (internal link).

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