Bathmate X40


$ 193.00

  • Hydromax X40 Bathmate 

    This is arguably the worlds best penis pump !

    The Bathmate X40 is available in three colors: Aqua Blue, Brilliant Red, Crystal Clear.  

    Caution this pump is for the well endowed man, if you are not at least 7" erect, do not buy this pump.  

    •  15% more power than the X30
    •  A new Super Flow Latch Valve system
    •  Ultra-soft detachable insurable comfort pad provides solid seal to the body 
    •  Designed to quickly increase the size of your penis by inches
    •  Obtaining instant visible results after 1 session
    •  You will get permanent length and girth gains
    •  This pump will helps you achieve rock hard erections
    •  Helps you last longer in bed
    •  Only take 15 minutes to get a bigger penis
    •  One of the most comfortable penis pumps on the market
    •  Very safe and easy to use (Use as directed)
    •  Helps treat ED or Erectile Dysfunction
    •  Most affordable Bathmate Hydro pump system
    •  A larger penis results in improved confidence in the bedroom
    •  Convenient to use

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