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Intimate Earth Massage Oil

  • 14.00
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Intimate Earth Natural Massage Oil blend contain predominantly natural oils and certified organic extracts to soothe aching muscles and create a stimulating setting. Use on the body everyday after bath or shower for silky soft skin. Each massage oil treats your skin and senses to a different experience with exciting scents and the finest certified organic ingredients available. 

Vegan & Paraben Free

Formulas : Awake I Pink Grapefruit, Almond I Honey Almond, Bloom I Peony Blush, Chai I Chai Vanilla, Grass I Fresh Cut Grass, Naked I Fragrance Free, Relax I Lemongrass & Coconut, Sensual I Cocoa Bean & Goji Berry

Available in 4 ounce or 8 ounce bottles