Life Vibrator by Leaf


$ 79.00

  • Life by Leaf's Clitoral Vibrator.  Get your "O" on while protecting our planet!  

    "Go Green" with the Leaf line of products.  Aesthetically beautiful and modern, the LEAF is delicately contoured with a 100% seamless silicone finish, providing a sumptuously smooth surface.   

    LIFE has so many wonderful, politically correct, and environmentally friendly benefits, it is hard to know where start.  Things to know about this green beauty:

    * Runs on a rechargeable lithium polymer batter - no more dumping batteries in landfills.  Reduce your carbon footprint while you get your groove on. On high speed, the battery will last approximately 1.5 hours (longer for lower speeds).  

    * Incorporates "Power Bullet" technology powering the single motor - the LEAF has TWO curved ends, each of which deliver powerful, separately controlled vibrations.  

    * Waterproof

    * Travel ready (comes with a canvas tote)

    * Phthalate-free 

    All Leaf products offer a complimentary 1 year limited warranty for any defects in materials and workmanship from the date of original retail purchase. This is strictly limited to the repair or replacement of the purchased product and does not cover damage caused by physical or natural destruction, misuse, or other external causes. Any attempt to disassemble the Leaf product will result in the withdrawal of warranty privileges.

    * 4.1 inches in length, with a width of 1.6 inches.  

    ** PLEASE NOTE ** The charger you receive may be different than the one pictured.  

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