Tantus Sex Toys - Responsible Sexual Health Care Products

The selection of adult sex toys is vast, and we certainly understand how overwhelming it can be to make a purchasing decision.  At Peepshow Toys, our goal is to sort through the clutter, and offer our customers a select group of products that we have vetted.  In addition to ensuring that the products we offer perform, we are equally committed to ensuring that our customers know what they are putting in, on or near their bodies.

When we began researching adult sex toys, we were thoroughly impressed with Tantus brand's products, particularly their commitment to manufacturing products with body-safe, platinum-based, hypoallergenic, medical-grade quality silicone.  Some sex toys may contain PVC (because the industry is not regulated, it is difficult to always determine which ones do).  PVC, according to Tantus' website, is typically made of 35-75% phthalates - a term familiar to many because of the controversy of their use in water bottles.  Phthalates are thought to be linked to health problems such as breast cancer, endocrine disruption, birth defects and allergies.  

Tantus products are made to last a lifetime with minimal care, and the medical-grade silicone used has no odors, and can be cleaned and sanitized by boiling in water or even thrown in the dishwasher (this latter recommendation appears on Tantus' website - we express no opinion and pass no judgments here).  Here are just a few products we love from Tantus:

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